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I´m gonna voiceact for you !

2009-10-12 12:33:54 by ManiacExtreme

I'm gonna voice act for you.

Why ? Because it's fun ! :D

I am the voice actor in most parts of Killerrattes films (I am the co - producer, ya know ^^, and his best friend.)

My roles are the following:

GayGoku (DBZ is Gay - Mutoniatus)

The narratorin all DBZ is Gay movies

Raddieschen (The Radditz faggot version in DBZ is Gay)

The Minigunner from C&C Tiberium Catastrophe and several minor roles in Tiberium Ecstasy, like the German Pioneer.

Doctor Biesex from DBZ is Gay

The GLA terrorist from C&C Why Zero Hour Sucks

... and probably more I didn't count here.

Are you interested ? Then just send me a message over Newgrounds. Let's see if I can voice act for your future movies.

My voice tends to have an heavy german accent.


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2009-10-12 16:26:17

Ay, his voice is smooth like butter.


2009-10-12 16:51:44

Ich finde, so einen dollen Akzent hast du beim sprechen gar nicht.

egal, also wenn ich eine deutsche stimme brauchen würde, würd' ich's selbst machen

naja, viel glück


2009-10-13 09:29:19

geil ein deutscher in newgrounds :D endlich hehe kann st du mal fur mein flash voicen ??
aber auf english :D
fals ja dan bitte PM mich ok? :D